Five Ugly Truth About Property Valuation

Cooling economists are divided over whether we’re seeing the start of a soft landings correction or a crash for many in the Millennial Generation a crash is what they’re waiting and hoping for Ben night reports well this is the first shot we’re filming for this story and we haven’t had to go very far because thesis my street in Melbourne and the house next door is about to go to auction after eight years living overseas I’ve come home to find the Great Australian obsession with real estate is raging more strongly.

Than ever and I’ve discovered that I’m not immune feels be awkward actually hang in the ladies bathroom watching house prices climb ever higher is practically a national sport good afternoon ladies and gentlemen if I may have your attention please back in two thousand when I was first looking you could buy a house like this here for under grand start proceedings ladies and gentlemen and we will start it at . million dollars ladies and gentlemen the bids with us atone point one the right at one point one if I was in my s starting.

out now this suburb would be out of my reach bid first I have so it’s not hard for me to put myself in the shoes of the young guy who wants this house the bid sunny Manny but he’s quickly blown out of the water million two hundred and forty thousand dollars and Sally he’s sure one going-going gone so congratulations on your bird you see this afternoon congratulations thanks Ben we’re gonna be.

Property valuation Sydney

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